From a very early age André was a big fan of movies, art and games. When Pixar's Toy Story came out he knew for sure that this is what he wanted to do. From that day he learned as much as he can to become the artist he is today. 

André graduated at the Grafisch Lyceum in Animation and Video design, but till this day he updates his skills as much as he can by taken severall masterclasses and workshops. He also teaches 3D modeling at several colleges. 

After working 8 years as an art-director at a small company, André started a new career as a freelance 3D artist and digital sculptor for the entertainment industry. During this time he masterd most of the professional 3D software packages and pipelines. 

Professional Experience 

2005-2013 Art-director / lead artist E2-Projects 2013-Until now: Freelance 3D artist / Digital Sculptor