After her studies ‘Directing & Producing Films’ at the Rits in Brussels, Arielle Sleutel starts out directing corporate films. From 1988 onwards she works as a commercials film producer and wins two times a Silver Lion in Cannes. 

At the end of the millennium she brings different partners together to start the sound postproduction company MASDA (Music And Sound Design Associates). Together with her husband Hans Helewaut she renovates an old milk factory into a splendid post production complex of 6.000m2. 

In 2002 Arielle Sleutel leaves the advertising world to work as a fiction & documentary filmproducer. From that moment onwards she produces exclusively her own projects.

In january 2013 she founds TONDO Films with Jan Bultheel to produce ‘Cafard’ and other great movies to come.


CAFARD - Animation Feature for adult audince. Psychological Drama. Author Jan Bultheel. Premiere September  2015

THE RABBIT AND THE TEASEL - Midlenght Feature.  Hybrid fiction / docu. Author Els Diervorst; Premiere May 2014.

THE BLACK LAMB - Webdoc - Artist Els Dietvorst. First update June 2012./ Last update March 2014.

F.Deneyer - Documentary about funeral rituals in Brussels. Author Luc Vrijdaghs. Premiere May 2012.

BUITEN DE LENTE / OFF SPRING - Doc on birth mothers Co-direction A. Sleutel & D. van den Berghe. Premiere March 2011

MY QUEEN KARO - Feature. Author Dorothée van den Berghe. Premiere October  2009

THE EMPEROR OF TASTE - Development & Preprod. Tv series VRT Eén . Co-Dir.Frank Van Passel & Jan Matthys 

         FIPA D’OR 2009 ‒ best series, FIPA D’OR 2009 - best actress (Marieke Dilles, FIPA D’OR 2009 - best music (Wim de Wilde)

DENNIS VAN RITA / LOVE BELONGS TO EVERYONE  Feature. Written by Hugo Van Laere. Directed by Hilde Van Mieghem 

        Best Actress Shanghai 2006 (Els Dottermans as Rita)