Jan Bultheel worked for 16 years directing and producing mainly commercials in his own production company ‘Pix & Motion’, which brought him international recognition with numerous awards.  

In the new millennium Jan left advertising to concentrate on creative work for theater and dance companies and authored, designed and directed ‘Hareport’, an animated series for children produced by TF1 and Ketnet and sold to several European channels.

CAFARD is his first animated feature film.

CAFARD is completely author driven. Jan wrote the script, designed the graphic style, directed the actors, edited and staged the scenes, guided the animation team and he even textured all the models and sets himself !


2011 - 2015

CAFARD animated feature for adult audience


Concept, design and directing of video wall for ‘ANALYSIS’ a 90’ theatre show of MaisonDahlBonnema using Mocap and low-poly models.


‘Hareport’, the series he authored, designed and directed, is broadcasted by TF1 and Ketnet and sold to several European channels.


animationfilm for the theatre performance of ‘Ricky & Ronny & 100Stars’ production Needcompany 

Video registration of  ‘Ricky & Ronny & 100 Stars’


Production of the series ‘Hareport’ for TF1 (France) produced by Teamto (France), Vivifilm and Filmwerken (Belgium) with the support of the VAF and the Flemish tax shelter. Total budget € 5Mo.


Creation of the animated series ‘Hareport’. Scriptwriting grant by the VAF


Freelance director for advertising films abroad

DVD production of a series of short films ‘About love cat.no. 1 to 12 '

Dance Project ‘ for the dance company Axixa’: body art-house movies

‘Oï toons’: web project

Animation film for the theatre production ‘Ricky & Ronnie’ a Needcompany production

Video registration of the theatre performance ‘Ricky & Ronnie, a pop opera’


Jan founds 'Filmwerken'.

1986 - 2001

Jan directed during these 15 years hundreds of films. Film advertising for major global brands such as Coca Cola, Playstation, Samsonite, Mercedes, Toyota, KBC, BBL, Proximus, Belgacom. Music videos for Arno, Vaya con Dios, Channel Zero. Several shortfilms. 

‘Pix & Motion’ grows into one of the top three production companies in Belgium with nine employees and a huge range of fixed / loose freelancers. Literally thousands of films are produced and win prices at home and abroad. ‘Pix’ is known for its quality, individuality and innovative technology in the Belgian film industry. Pix & Motion merges into 'Caviar', currently one of Belgium's leading television production houses.


foundation of the production company ‘Pix en Motion’ 

1981 - 1986

animator on the Flemish featurefilm ‘Jan zonder Vrees’ - Penfilm Gent 

animator ‘Quick en Flupke’ and ‘Yakari’ - studios Graphoui Brussel 

several TV-titles for VRT self-produced: ‘Villa Tempo’, ‘Pop Electron’, ‘Roodvonk’ and others ... 

TV-titles for RTBF self-produced: ‘Cargo de nuit’, ‘Trans Europe Express’ 

TV-titles for several broadcasters in France: ‘Ex libris’, ‘Permission de Minuit’, ‘Lola’, ‘Les jupons de la révolution’ 

born in 1959