Pieter as a kid enjoyed only 2 things in life: sports and movies. After 10 years of swimming competitions he pursued his other passion and started studying informatics, a 3 year during program, at KAHO Sint-Lieven Ghent. 

Never much of a believer in books... a lot of testing, personal experimenting and late nights eventually landed him a job at Grid-vfx Ghent, where he continued to learn the tools of trade and broadened his knowledge. 

In January 2009 he started his own digital studio Ghouse alternatively pronounced as /green-house/ from where he works as a vfx artist and technical supervisor. 

Professional Experience

2009-2013 Freelance visual effects artist / CEO Ghouse bvba

2004-2009 Grid-vfx creative artist, Ghent


Bronze award for animation AZG commercial 2006.

CFP-award for the Jacqmotte commercial 2009.

CFP-award for the Duvel commercial 2012.

 2014     Paradise Lost (matte artist) 

 2014     Gloria Jesus (digital effects) 

 2012     Populaire (matte artist) 

 2011     Groenten uit Balen (visual effects artist) 

 2011     Santa's Magic Crystal (matte artist) 

 2011     Code 37: De Nachtwacht (visual effects artist) 

 2011     Noordzee, Texas (visual effects artist) 

 2010     Amphibious 3D (digital effects artist) 

 2008     Piet Piraat en het zwaard van Zilvertand (matte artist) 

 2008     Anubis: Het pad der 7 zonden (visual effects artist) 

 2005-2008 Booh! (TV Series) (digital effects artist - 11 episodes) 

 2008     Pathology (matte artist - uncredited) 

 2007     K3 en de kattenprins (digital artist) 

 2007     Plop en de pinguïn (digital artist) 

 2007     Ghost Rider (digital compositor - uncredited) 

 2006     Piet Piraat en het vliegende schip (digital artist) 

 2006     Windkracht 10: Koksijde Rescue (digital artist) 

 2006     K3 en het ijsprinsesje (compositor) 

 2005     Plop en het vioolavontuur (digital artist) 

 2005     Piet Piraat en de betoverde kroon (digital compositor) 

 2005     The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D (compositor - uncredited) 

 2004     K3 en het magische medaillon (compositor) 

 2004     Bumba (TV Series) (digital effects artist - 2004)