As a young boy Sebastien Dewaele grew up in a quiet environment. But at the age of six he got struck by the theatre-bug watching his father play a drunk in a local theatre. After Secondary School the only logical thing to do was to study drama in Ghent.

After graduating, he started his musical career and became quite famous in West- Flanders with ’Preuteleute’: an explosive mix of punk cabaret and stand-up comedy. 

Sebastien did several TV appearances. He acted in different movies and worked on the editorial side for several television shows. But his heart lies with acting. He wrote and directed several theatre plays.

His national career recently kicked off great with his main part in ’Eigen Kweek’ I and II, a wildly popular series and will continue with ’Bevegem’. 


Cafard - Animated Feature - 2015 - Director Jan Bultheel - main part

BEVEGEM -  Tv series - 2015 - main part

EIGEN KWEEK II - TV series - 2015 - main part

EIGEN KWEEK I - Tv series - 2013 - main part

JEZUS - Stand Up - ever since 2009 - solo

22 MAY - Feature - 2009 - Director Koen Mortier

ASPE - Tv series - 2009

WITSE - Tv series - 2009

DE KOTMADAM - Tv series - 2007

EX DRUMMER - Feature - 2006 - Director Koen Mortier

MEGA MINDY - Tv series - 2006

SPOED - Tv series - 2004