Making of


The technical approach we have developed is an ambitious one. We combine the emotional impact of real dramatic actors as in a fiction film with the imaginative and artistic qualities of an animation film, fueled by fast and efficient technology coming from the game industry. The best of three worlds!

The main elements are: 

  • There is no storyboard.
  • We use motion capture technology and simultaneous voice recording.
  • A refined graphic style with low-poly models and simple textures.

I believe a storyboard can be an obstacle to true creativity. ‘Cafard’ rests on the talent of its actors and their artistic interpretation of the dramatic roles. Forcing dialogues and actions to conform to a predefined storyboard limits this artistic freedom.

Motion capture technology is an innovative industry on the rise. ‘Cafard’ is a film for an adult audience wherein we capture the realistic actions of the characters, thereby automatically triggering an emotional impact of recognition in the audience that cannot be achieved using any other technique.

In ‘Cafard’, CGI-technology is stripped to a bare minimum. The final result is a simple graphic universe that emphasizes dramatic action of the characters over technological wizardry.

For me, ‘Cafard’ is also an artistic challenge, to generate maximum impact with very limited resources. Sometimes a well-chosen color says more than a long dialogue. Sometimes one pencil line can suggest a setting better than a thousand props. ‘Cafard’ wants to shine through its simplicity. Say more with less.

Jan Bultheel