My name is Peter Paul Milkain. I was born in the Philippines. At the age of 9 my mother and I moved to Belgium to be with my new father. After a few years in middle school my curiosity in computers began to grow. In college I took Multimedia and communication technology, but I stopped after a year because of Digital Arts and Entertainment, that’s what I wanted to do! 

In my last year of Digital Arts and Entertainment I took an internship at Needcompany in Brussels. They wanted to make a few short background animation movies for an upcoming theater show. During that internship I met Jan Bultheel. Together we searched for a way to make it happen in a short period of time, without having to animate it all by hand. That’s when we thought of motion capturing. We strapped the actors in mocap suits and let them play their scene. We then put everything together in 3DS max. 

After the internship Jan thought that our way of working was pretty unique. The actors could act out their scene without any restrictions. Lighting, cameras and everything else were done afterwards. Jan contacted me right after I finished school and we began to make a 45-second-teaser. After a few months we then finished our 12-minute-trailer with 6 scenes.